Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mango smoothies

I like to keep Sunday mornings are as lazy as possible. Fried breakfast at about lunchtime; trying to get the bloody pool to stop being green before summer hits us hard; dancing to hard rock tunes from my hayday with a 3 year old (if you haven't listened to Seether, you must search them out.)

So Vicki was making scrambled eggs and toast, and I got to work on something to complement it. Mango's are pretty expensive, but there was whole shelf of nice ripe ones at the supermarket yesterday, so I dug in. Also I meant to make smoothies last weekend, but couldn't find any decent fruit, so I had a tub of yoghurt sitting in the fridge waiting to go sour.

So ...
  • 5 small mangos, skinned and chopped into little bits (the messy and unpleasant part)
  • 1 ice tray of ice, crushed
  • About 400ml of plain yoghurt
  • A table spoon of honey.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Enjoy, with scrambled eggs and toast.
Smoothies are a great addition to my recipe box. They can be ad-libbed from whatever fruit you can find, and only take a stock of plain yoghurt in the fridge and some honey. You vary the amount of honey depending on how much of a sweet tooth you've got. Don't use sugar as a subsitute because it doesn't blend properly, so you get little granuales of sugar in you drink. Make a judgement call on how sweet the fruit is before you add the honey - mangoes and bananas are nice and sweet and don't need too much honey, strawberries are pretty tart and so need a little help.

You can also combine fruits (strawberries and bananas for example) to sort out the sweetness issue. This also bulks it up a bit, as strawberries are expensive for a little punnet of the things, and bananas are stupidly cheap for as much as you can eat.

Still haven't figured out what to do about with that steak tonight.

Ok, enough sitting in front of the computer. To the beach!!!

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